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  • Competition of
    Competition of "Budaya Mutu Intrakurikuler"
    SD Darul Hikam Bandung won the first place in The National Competition of "Budaya Mutu Intrakurikuler" for Elementary School 2014.
  • Athletics Team of SD Darul Hikam Bandung
    Athletics Team of SD Darul Hikam Bandung
    Athletics Team of SD Darul Hikam Bandung won a total of 16 Medals in Athletics Championships for early age in SABUGA ITB, Bandung. Medals consist of: 2 Gold, 8 Silver and 6 Bronze.
  • Learning outside School
    Learning outside School
    Learning activities conducted outside the school environment.
  • Learning IT and Computer
    Learning IT and Computer
    Learning IT and Computer of SD Darul Hikam Bandung.

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Math Skill Boost Training

IMG20150313151049_newsDarul Hikam Institute held “Math Skill Boost Training” for all the class teacher in Elementary School (SD), Primary, Math Teachers, Science teachers in Junior High School (SMP) and Secondary unit. This event was run for a week started from 9-17 March 2015 and took place in Darul Hikam Elementary School (SD) classrooms located in Ir. H. Juanda Street no. 285 Bandung.

This training was initiated as the follow up from the teacher placement test that was piloted several months ago. Darul Hikam pointed Rexa Education Center as the partner for conducting this event. Some materials as counting numbers, math tricks, operation of integers, fractions, decimals, algebra and simple equations were brought up to recall the teachers’ skills.

By the end of the training, the teacher should follow a final test to measure the result of the training. Furthermore, the teachers were demanded to make a breakthrough concerning their math skills in order to implement those skills in their own levels. Hence, this event was expected to enhance teachers’ competencies in each unit.

Chingay Parade Singapore 2015

chingayparade2015Darul Hikam Institute took part in Chingay Parade Singapore 2015 which was held in 27-28 February 2015 in F1 Pit Building, Singapore. This event was collaboration among Indonesian Republic Embassy in Singapore with a number of Fine Arts and Education Institutions in Indonesia, with Darul Hikam Institute as one of the partners. This event was conducted as a 50th comemmoration of Singapore Independence Day.

Darul Hikam sent about 250 personnels to get involved in this event in which consisted of SD, SMP, SMA, guide teachers and coaches. The Art Team which was led by Mrs. H. Mari Marhamah, SE., MM. divided into two groups. Wonderful Indonesia Group performed in Chingay Parade while Colorful Nusantara Group attracted the audiences by their astonishing Pencak Silat, Angklung, Saman Dance, and Chorus in some places such as Crescent Girls School, Singaporean-Indonesian School and Malay Heritage.

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